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“…Ms. Gadeliya dominated as we are told Brahms used to, her piano sound rich and resonant, dark and confident throughout. For sheer depth of feeling, this was one of the most striking performances in New York this entire season.” - The New York Sun, Fred Kirshnit
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"...her playing was refined and exceptionally phrased and stylized." -, Nick Shadow
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"A rich palette of colors, idiomatic, always captivating and interesting, a huge storehouse of pianistic technique, and a soft, velvety touch - this is Ms. Gadeliya's pianism." - "America," Philadelphia, Bogdan Markiv
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“…The pianist in the Shostakovich, Angelina Gadeliya, moved easily between the warm hues and the bright, sharp articulation that the quintet calls for." - The New York Times, Alan Kozinn
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"Virtuosity was superceded by spirituality. Gadeliya has a rare ability to make music speak. "
- David Sckolnik, The Gazette.

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